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Cats Can Be Loyal - LORDE Royals Parody (Fifi & Jules)
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Lorde - Royals (An-Ten-Nae 's Symphonic Reprise)
Tags: reprise, symphonic, an-ten-nae, royals, lorde
Royals - Madilyn Bailey and Megan Nicole ( Lorde )
Tags: nicole, lorde, megan, and, madilyn, bailey, royals
Lorde - Royals (Longarms Dubstep Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD*
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Lorde - Royals (Shoe Scene Symphony Remix)
Tags: symphony, remix, scene, shoe, royals, lorde
Lorde - Royals (B-Sharp Bounce Mix)
Tags: mix, bounce, b-sharp, royals, lorde
Lorde - Royals (Wild Boyz! Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Tags: free, download, remix, boyz, royals, wild, lorde

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