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Metal Gear Rising OST - The Stains of Time [Monsoon's Theme]
Tags: time, monsoon, theme, stains, the, gear, rising, ost
Metal Gear Solid 2 Main Theme
Tags: theme, main, solid, gear, metal
Mike Oldfield - Nuclear(Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain OST)
Tags: phantom, pain, ost, solid, gear, oldfield, nuclear, metal
Yung Simmie - Full Metal Freestyle Prod Purpdogg
Tags: prod, purpdogg, freestyle, metal, simmie, full, yung
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater
Tags: eater, snake, solid, gear, metal
Metal Gear 25th - Daniel James Tribute
Tags: james, tribute, daniel, 25th, gear, metal
23-RiFF RAFF-Cuz My Gear Chief Keef Feat RiFF RAFF
Tags: feat, riff, raff, keef, chief, raff-cuz, gear, 23-riff
Of Man-Not Of Machine (OMNOM) Metal Gear
Tags: gear, metal, omnom, machine, man-not
Maklibek - Metal Gear Solid Remix Medley
Tags: remix, medley, solid, gear, metal, maklibek
Dark Horse - Metal / Metalcore cover
Tags: cover, metalcore, metal, horse, dark
Metal gear solid - the best is yet to come
Tags: yet, come, best, the, gear, solid, metal
Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots
Tags: the, patriots, guns, solid, gear, metal

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